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Update April 23rd

The Registry of Motor Vehicles has made the following changes to the expiration dates of various accepted documents.

MVI Stickers: Those expiring March - May 2020 will be extended to June 20th.  The vehicle must still be road worth ad in safer operating condition.

Drivers Licenses expiring March - June - will expire 5 months from the original expiry date. IE; If it expires on April 11th it will expire 5 months from April 11th. 

Update April 16th 

Daily Log Sheets for Drivers (1)

Daily Log Sheets for Drivers (2) 

In respect to required first aid certifications on contracted worksites for TANS drivers.


  • COR certificates are extended as per CSNS notification and timeline; new drivers will need to complete the requirements to receive COR as usual (takes 7-10 days to complete).


  • First Aid Certification is only tied to COR at the date of certification.  The driver is responsible to maintain their valid First Aid Certification as per the Regulations after that.


  • Several providers including CSNS, Red Cross, St John Ambulance are providing first aid training through a blended learning option. First, a theory portion online that will provide a temporary first aid certificate for a period (some are up to 90 days) followed by; second, a practical course to receive a full 3-year certification (driver to verify terms with chosen provider).  TIR will not allow trucks to cross the scales without a temporary certificate.


  • Check with the service providers on the practical training.  I believe some may be providing this training as early as next week.  Classroom size will be limited in order to maintain the 6 foot distancing. 




NSTIR Weekly Newsletter - April 9th 

Useful information for the Transportation Industry.  Read it HERE


Know the signs of COVID-19.

This is a great source of information for Federal Support

Monday, March 30th the Prime Minister announced further details around the 75% wage subsidy to small/medium sized businesses.  There are stipulations, such as proving how Covid-19 has impacted your business but this may help provide some additional funds to help maintain your workforce.  I am not sure what guidelines you must meet, however, you can inquire to your local MP. The Government of Canada continues to be your best source for accurate and up to date information.


Support For individuals:

I want to highlight the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, CERB. This will pay individuals who qualify $500 per week for up to 4 months. In order to qualify, individuals must have lost their source of income as a result of COVID-19. This includes individuals who have been laid off work, who can't find a job, those required to self-isolate at home, stay home with a family member or are still employed but not being paid. If you have already applied or are on EI for COVID-19, you will be carried over to the new system. The application for CERB will open in early April and can give funds for work lost back to March 15. We will provide the link when it's launched.


For businesses:

We have announced a 75% wage subsidy for qualifying small businesses to help them keep and re-hire staff. Furthermore, businesses will be allowed to defer GST and HST payments, as well as duties and taxes owed on imports, until June. This is the equivalent of giving $30 billion in interest free loans to businesses to help them during this difficult time. 

The new Canada Emergency Business Account will provide up to $40,000 in loans to businesses which will be completely free in the first year. Businesses that meet certain conditions will be eligible for a non-repayable $10,000 portion of their loan.An additional $12.5 billion will be made available through Export and Development Canada, meaning businesses will be able to apply for a guaranteed loan they go to their financial institutions to weather the impacts of COVID-19.  

Today NS announced their first community spread case.  Please exercise caution when possible.  I am also attaching for you a graphic I found that lays out a bit of an explanation for the EI benefits that may help you or your employees. 

Provincial Hours of Service Exemption set out for transporters of essential products/materials. Here is the webpage link related to this issue:



Information pertaining to TANS and 80/20

Update for March 25th

WCB and You.  ** CORRECTION - WCB is DEFERRING NOT WAIVING premiums for 3 months.  Learn more HERE 

Plates that expired Nov/2019 DO NOT qualify for the extension deadline of August.  We are working to see what this means for you. 

1st Aid update:  This from OHS below.  I am working to clarify from the Individual providers what this means still. 

In Nova Scotia we do not certify First Aid training service providers.  Rather we recognize those that are certified by other jurisdictions.  As such we are not able to offer extensions or modifications to training delivery.  We plan to evaluate each situation around training at the workplace on a case by case basis but plan to be reasonable based upon access to training and items beyond the workplace control.  In most workplaces more than one person is trained in first aid so anticipate limited impact and that most will have some coverage in place.  We fully appreciate and understand the need to be reasonable if a certification has recently lapsed.

St. John Ambulance: They will be offering a 3 month extension to expiring training. 

Red Cross:  For any expiration dates between March - June, there will be a 90 day extension from the date of expiry. 


Update for March 23rd:

As of today, Monday March 23rd, we have received word from NSTIR that all construction projects will be continuing as scheduled.  Tenders are still being issued, and they are working on ensuring safe work practices for weighing and checkers when the time comes to begin.

It is our strong recommendation to you to also consider self health measures.  Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet; carry hand sanitizer with you (wipes etc) and consider wearing gloves when passing paper back and forth to other people.  When possible, clean your truck at the end of each shift and consider washing clothes as soon as possible.  There are many varying opinions on how long this virus can live on surfaces in varying climates.  Please take every precaution to remain well.

RE: COR and Safety

From Construction Services NS:

Updated March 31st 

** CSNS are still providing COR certifications during this time.


For an Owner Operator to gain COR they must complete,


Owner Operator online course

WHIMS 2015 online

Construction Entry Level training (Celt) online

Emergency First Aid training (blended course available from 1st April, the online theory must be completed to gain a temporary certificate and the practical will be conducted at a later date when safe to do so within 90 days)


All courses offered on Construction Safety website **

“We are processing all internal COR audits as normal as our team are set up remotely to deliver the service. Advisors are available to answer safety concerns in reference to their audits.

As some companies have ceased construction work it is an ideal time to submit or work on their evaluations.

If they are due an external audit, the company can request and extension at this time due to the virus until more knowledge is gained on the length of impact.

Website statement: 



For those who have a training certificate or “safety certified accreditation” issued by the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association that will expire in the upcoming weeks, please contact us.  We are issuing extensions to all training certificates and “safety certified accreditations” for an additional month.  This process will be monitored regularly until we are able to conduct in-person meetings, in class training and on-site safety audits. 

Website statement:


No updates listed to date.  Contact info can be found HERE


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