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March 26th, 

Updates below re 1st Aid - St John's Ambulance and Red Cross and clarification on WCB. 

Update for March 25th

WCB and You.  ** CORRECTION - WCB is DEFERRING NOT WAIVING premiums for 3 months.  Learn more HERE 

Plates that expired Nov/2019 DO NOT qualify for the extension deadline of August.  We are working to see what this means for you. 

1st Aid update:  This from OHS below.  I am working to clarify from the Individual providers what this means still. 

In Nova Scotia we do not certify First Aid training service providers.  Rather we recognize those that are certified by other jurisdictions.  As such we are not able to offer extensions or modifications to training delivery.  We plan to evaluate each situation around training at the workplace on a case by case basis but plan to be reasonable based upon access to training and items beyond the workplace control.  In most workplaces more than one person is trained in first aid so anticipate limited impact and that most will have some coverage in place.  We fully appreciate and understand the need to be reasonable if a certification has recently lapsed.

St. John Ambulance: They will be offering a 3 month extension to expiring training. 

Red Cross:  For any expiration dates between March - June, there will be a 90 day extension from the date of expiry. 

Update for March 23rd:

As of today, Monday March 23rd, we have received word from NSTIR that all construction projects will be continuing as scheduled.  Tenders are still being issued, and they are working on ensuring safe work practices for weighers and checkers when the time comes to begin.

It is our strong recommendation to you to also consider self health measures.  Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet; carry hand sanitizer with you (wipes etc) and consider wearing gloves when passing paper back and forth to other people.  When possible, clean your truck at the end of each shift and consider washing clothes as soon as possible.  There are many varying opinions on how long this virus can live on surfaces in varying climates.  Please take every precaution to remain well.

1st Aid:

RE: COR and Safety

From Construction Services NS:

“We are processing all internal COR audits as normal as our team are set up remotely to deliver the service. Advisors are available to answer safety concerns in reference to their audits.

As some companies have ceased construction work it is an ideal time to submit or work on their evaluations.

If they are due an external audit, the company can request and extension at this time due to the virus until more knowledge is gained on the length of impact.

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For those who have a training certificate or “safety certified accreditation” issued by the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association that will expire in the upcoming weeks, please contact us.  We are issuing extensions to all training certificates and “safety certified accreditations” for an additional month.  This process will be monitored regularly until we are able to conduct in-person meetings, in class training and on-site safety audits. 

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