Our Charities:

TANS has two charities of choice that we faithfully support which are near and dear to the hearts of our association and our members. There is a long history of association between truckers and children. 




We would like you to meet ‘Teddy Trucker’

who is our official charity bear.  Every year

we auction off Teddy Trucker at our

Annual General Meeting and the County

who bids the most gets to keep Teddy Trucker for the whole year.


Thank you to each member who generously donated through their dues this year to our charities. Together you donated $2,243.75


$1,121.88  was donated to each charity. Thank you everyone who participated.  

Handsome Teddy - all dressed up even with his steel toed safety boots. 

Thanks to Halifax County for dressing him.

We lovingly support:


IWK Health Centre Foundation who is passionately committed to making a difference for Atlantic Canadian families by raising much needed funds for the Izaak Walton Killam Children’s Hospital located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The IWK Foundation is a champion of excellence in women’s and children’s health and medicine. Funds raised also support the IWK global leadership in research and knowledge sharing, which in turn improves lives of children worldwide.


Please visit the foundation at  www.iwkfoundation.org where you can find more information on their great work.  As well, please feel free to visit the IWK hospital site at www.iwk.nshealth.ca

Early Intervention Nova Scotia (EINS)

EINS has recently reorganized and consolidared their efforts into 1 provincial organization known as NSECDIS Nova Scotia Early Childhood Intervention Service.  This organization's primary role is to advocate on behalf of Early Intervenionists, Early Intervention Programs, and families and children with special needs.  Early interventionists work with families and children with special needs between the ages of birth and school entry.  Together, with families, they find creative solutions to helping each child meet their full potential.

All the funds donated each year by TANS go directly to assisting the parents & family members to enable them to receive education and training to deal with their specific situations.


Please visit them at  www.nsecdis.ca where you can find information on how you can help support this great work.

Our donation to these organizations for the 2018 year is $8,017.05 each.