About TANS:

The Truckers Association of Nova Scotia (TANS) began operations 50+ years ago when a group of energetic and concerned truckers came together as a strong and united voice to represent industry truckers in the aggregate and asphalt transport industry throughout the province in discussions with the government. Today, TANS is a not-for-profit association continuing to network, advocate, and lobby on behalf of industry truckers, supporting the economic welfare of the trucking industry, and developing and advocating safe and healthy trucking transport practices. 



TANS' is governed by an elected volunteer board of directors, consisting of the president from each of the 19 county associations and TANS' executive leadership team. The board of directors and the executive team meet regularly to learn and network with fellow industry workers and partners, address industry challenges and implement best industry business practises.


TANS has approximately 500 members ranging in size from individual owner-operators with one or more trucks to companies with large truck fleets.  Each TANS Member subscribes to responsible driving, prescribed delivery principles and the maintenance of the highest equipment safety standards. 


The aggregate and asphalt transport industry and its associated industries are major contributors to Nova Scotia's economy. These industries continue to evolve with changes in governing rules and regulations, market dynamics and business strategies. TANS provides its Members with the information they need to keep abreast of industry changes so they can efficiently and effectively progress and grow.  TANS supports and builds on the strength of a strong and active membership.


TANS' Associate Trade Members are strong and dedicated industry suppliers and sponsors at the provincial and county levels contributing greatly to the success of TANS.

TANS is a member of the Canadian Trucking Alliance through its affiliation with the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association.  The Canadian Trucking Alliance is the federation of the seven provincial trucking associations with over 4,500 member companies nationally and the mandate to represent the trucking industry’s viewpoint on national and international policy, regulatory and legislative issues affecting trucking in Canada.


Since its inception, TANS has supported the Transportation Sector of Voluntary Planning by providing the provincial government with information and advice on transportation policy and program issues with the objective of promoting the development of high quality transportation services in Nova Scotia.

TANS also works closely with the Trucking Human Resource Sector Council (THRSC) dedicated to helping industry in Nova Scotia through federal-government-sponsored and funded training programs proactive in dealing with safety concerns in the trucking industry. TANS has also worked closely with the Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association and sits on the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association (NSTSA). The THRSC and the NSTSA have been instrumental in providing occupational health and safety awareness training programs enabling their members to work or bid on government projects. TANS' supports an accident-free work environment for its Members.