Trucking Safety & Training:




At TANS, safety is our number 1 priority.  It is critical for us that our members put in a good days work and return home safely to their families each and every night.  As we work on Provincial Roads and Highways, we are government mandated to ensure all our members are safety certified and fully safety trained as per legislative requirements.  To that end, we request documented proof of all the below to be submitted with annual membership applications.




Each member must be trained and have valid certifications in the following:


First Aid : 


The following agencies are the only providers of First Aid training recognized in the province of Nova Scotia. St. John Ambulance, Canadian Red Cross, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Canadian Ski Patrol, Life Saving Society.  


WHMIS / WHMIS 2015:  


Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems is a classification information and documentation system. WHMIS 2015 is now required, this is a globally harmonized system. It is very similar to the original WHMIS with some important changes to symbols, MSDS now SDS and standardized wording.  An annual review of this information is recommended.




Transportation of Dangerous Goods, required by carriers that are involved in the transportation of bulk classified material. Liquid Anti-stripping Agent Training, required if the contractor on an asphalt project is using an agent in the mix design, this is to be determined at pre-job meetings.




WCB Coverage:


Workers Compensation Board coverage is mandatory a letter of Good Standing is required, this can be accessed on the WCB website under My Account. This needs to be updated every quarter.


Liability Insurance Coverage:

Personal liability insurance coverage covering owner, drivers and equipment. Must be valid for the full calendar year.


Trucks & Equipment: 


All Members trucks are to be equipped with: 

  •   Double pin system for asphalt hauling

  •   Switchless Back up beepers

  •   Asphalt grade tarps

  •   360 degree Rotating amber lamp(s)

  •   Operators must use the following PPE when out of their truck on a job site; reflective attire, safety work boots,       safety certified hard helmet


Safety Audits

Each member is required to undergo an independent safety audit each year in order to supply TANS with a valid certificate of recognition, which is required to qualify for work under the 80/20 arrangement. There are six Safety Audit Providers for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) approved by the Workers Compensation Board of Nova Scotia.


The WCB – Approved COR Audit Providers are:


  • Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association

  • Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association

  • Safety Services Nova Scotia

  • East Coast Mobile Medical Inc.

  • HSE Integrated Limited

  • Occupational Health & Educational Services (2002) Inc.

  • ENNIS Safety Services 


All of the above are approved to conduct safety audits for any business.