Membership in TANS

Membership Drive is Open from December 1st Feb 15th.  Membership Season Begins March 1 - Feb 28th. 


TANS is a member-based, non-profit organization.  The TANS board of directors and provincial office staff support and represent its members in dealing with the Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR) under what is known as the "80/20 Rule" for dispatch. To be eligible for work on NSTIR-funded projects, a trucker who is active in the aggregate trucking industry is required to be a member of TANS. 


Each year returning members and new applicants must apply for membership in TANS; the membership application period is carried out once per year, from December 1 to February 15.  With a one-time exception policy for NEW members up until May 31st with a sliding scale of late dues.  Please see the Dues and Fees Policy below for details.  An applicant must apply during that time for membership with the TANS local county branch where they reside and, upon acceptance, will become a member of TANS for the duration of that membership year.


Membership Process and Forms:

Application For Membership Process Policy 

Application Form

County Contact Information

Dues and Fees Policy

Qualifications and Criteria Policy

  • Annual Open Membership Period:  Commences December 1st and closes on February 15th each year (except new members can now join up until May 30th)

  • Applications are sent in December to members of the Association in the prior year.

  • No returning member applications will be accepted after February 15th.

  • No additional trucks or equipment may be added to an individuals’ membership outside of the open membership period.

    • Applicants may print the current year's membership application form from the list above. , Fully complete it (including all truck information) and sign it, then submit the completed form and enclose a cheque for membership fees/dues for processing and pre-approval to the membership coordinator at the TANS local county branch where the applicant resides; pre-approved applications will be forwarded to the TANS provincial office for final review and approval.  The membership dues and fees are in two parts; a TANS portion and a local county branch portion.  The TANS portion is set out in this policy.  The amount of the local county branch portion can be obtained from the President of the local county branch in which the applicant resides. The contact list for the executive in the counties can be viewed in the list above.

  • Once received by the TANS office, the final decision for acceptance as a TANS member will be made by TANS by the end of March each year.  A membership package will be sent to all applicants who are approved for membership in TANS as quickly as possible after the Association's annual general meeting. 

  • If approved as a member in TANS, each member must provide all required safety certification paperwork to their local country branch and continue to meet all the qualification and eligibility requirements of membership throughout the membership year in order to be dispatched.


Membership Eligibility:

An applicant for membership in TANS must meet the eligibility and qualifications and criteria for membership requirements prescribed by TANS' By-laws and policies, some of which include the following:  

  • “Individual” Requirement:  an individual must be either (1) a person ordinarily and permanently residing at a specific valid and existing residential address, ­or (2) a company (corporation, sole proprietor, partnership) owned by a person, which company is properly registered and in good standing with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies and is actively carrying on business in the aggregate trucking industry at a specific valid and existing location/civic address.  It being understood that membership in TANS is restricted to one membership per individual.

  • County Residence Requirement:  the individual must reside in the county in which the individual’s membership application is submitted and the individual must provide with the individual’s application form proof of such satisfaction to the county where the individual resides and also to TANS as required or requested from time to time.

  • Truck Ownership Requirement: the individual must own and operate at least one truck which complies with the eligibility requirements for registration with the Nova Scotia Registry of Motor Vehicles with a minimum registered weight of 13,500 kg and with proof of such ownership and operation being provided to TANS as required or requested from time to time.


Membership Safety and Insurance Requirements:

A member in TANS must procure and maintain throughout the membership year the required below-listed licences, safety certification, first aid and liability insurance prescribed by TANS and the Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR) in order to be dispatched for work under the 80/20 Rule. The provision of documentation signifying the validity and proof of good-standing of all such requirements are to be provided by the individual with the application for membership and otherwise when required or requested by either the respective TANS local county branch, TANS, representatives of the NSTIR and/or project/job contractors.


First Aid Certification

WHMIS Certification

Liability Insurance

WCB (registration and letter of good standing)

COR (safety certificate of registration) 


All trucks must be equipped with:

Double Locking Pin System

Backup Beepers

Asphalt Grade Tarps

Required Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Rotating Safety Light

If you have further questions regarding membership, please contact the President of the TANS local county branch where you reside. 


Contact information can be found in the list above.